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Aloe Vera daily Healthy Drink for your Immune system!

Boost your Immune System daily!

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It is not a secret that the pandemic is here to stay and that as much as we want things to be normal, that will take some time.

As the news continues to tell us how many more cases are arising daily, I cannot help but to think that all we can do at this point is wear a mask, disinfect and clean way more than we ever did and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.

Ensuring your Immune system is strong to keep any virus away or at least try is essential now a days. But where to start?

Taking your every vitamins is essential and a must but healthy always starts on your everyday nutrition.  Like me, if you prefer vitamins in your juices  or smoothies than you'll love this Aloe Vera juice recipe. Delicious, healthy and easy to make so you can stay calm and know that no matter what is out there you have control in your nutrition and your vitamin intake. 




2 Cucumbers

1 1-inch piece Ginger

1 Lemon


1 cup Aloe Vera Original drink 

Blend together - add ice is prefered.                   


Add the flavor you prefer with Aloe Vera Drinks.







Enjoy this daily and share with your family and friends. 



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