Couples that Supplement together stay together!

Everyone should supplement daily. Single women, single men, families, the cat, the dog, but this article is mostly directed for that strong couple that empowers each other. 

That couple you see, always holding hands and laughing together. The type of couple that will take care of each other on every aspect in life. Like when my other half puts out my vitamins next to a cup of orange juice in the morning, encouraging I take it because he knows i'll forget on purpose. 

Together you can achieve anything, even keeping each other healthy. 

Why you need your daily Value of Vitamins & Minerals?

Vitamins are essential in our lifestyles. We are often too busy to control exactly the amount of vitamins and minerals we intake on a daily basis. This is why supplementing daily is something highly recommended. 

Alfa Vitamins formulates Vitamins specifically for Women & Men.  Both are made not only to promote the right amount of vitamins and minerals, but also have specific active ingredients based on the gender. 

Yes! we are different physically, emotionally and our bodies require different amounts and types of vitamins. 


 keeping yourself healthy with the right mix of vitamins is not an easy task, this is why supplements can be a good way to fill in the gaps. 

For women an ideal supplements should include antioxidants, such as folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, magnesium , vitamin B12, calcium, iron, and zinc. So, if you have a poorly diet, avoid animal products, or just don't like vegetables nor fruits? 

Alfa Multi Women is for you!


Men age 19–70 need to make sure to get enough of the following vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin A: Necessary for skin, eye and immune health.
  • Vitamin C: Essential for your immune system and collagen production.
  • B vitamins: Involved in energy metabolism and red blood cell production.
  • Calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin K and zinc: Vital for bone health.
  • Vitamin E and selenium: Help protect your cells from damage.


Because men don’t lose blood monthly as menstruating women do, they’re at a lower risk of iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, iron requirements for men are lower.

While these nutrients can be obtained through a balanced diet, most people don’t consume adequate amounts like they should. 

Stay Healthy

live natural

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