For Moms: how to keep up with your health as you age!


When mothers in their 40’s hear mothers complaining about being tired there can be an eye roll or the “yeah right” response. The only difference between new mothers and mothers of teens is the work becomes different. Teens are easy in the fact that they will not let themselves starve and they can pretty much survive on their own. Teens need more guidance on real issues and can get themselves into real trouble if they fall in with the wrong crowd. Smaller children need more constant attention so neither mother has it easy but there are those mothers that make it look easy. Keeping yourself healthy is a huge part of this as and here are tips to do so.

Regular Checkups

Do not miss checkups simply because they do not fit into your schedule or seem like a waste of time. Skipping years of checkups can lead to a small growth turning into a huge tumor. Of course this is the worst case scenario but many health problems only worsen instead of simply going away. Every few years getting an expensive full-body scan is not a bad idea if you have quite a bit of expendable income.


The days of going out for girl’s night for taco Tuesday then going out on the weekends for drinks are over for most mothers. For aging mothers these days can take away from the day before if you tend to drink too much. Nutrition for your entire family should become a priority regardless of how old your kids are. There are plenty of recipes online that are healthy and will not have your children turning up their noses at. The fact is that eating in a healthier fashion might strain the budget but it can become more affordable when you buy in bulk. With all of the different bulk grocery stores you will have plenty of options.

Sexual Health

For those single mothers or widowed mothers it is important to keep an eye on your sexual health. There are plenty of dating apps that people prowl on looking for one night stands. The men will feign real interest and this can be dangerous if you do not partake in safe sex. STD checks and going to see OB GYN Specialist is important as some STDs do not have any apparent symptoms. For this reason it is important to discuss sexual health with potential partners and even ask for paperwork. You cannot be too safe as there are too many people with STDs who do not even know it as ignorance is bliss in their world.

Regular Exercise

Stay active and exercise on a daily basis if you want longevity in your life. Be the mom they mistake as an older sister by staying in the best shape possible. Working moms can buy equipment for the home and get in their treadmill work out if going to the gym simply is not your thing. Try a few types of exercise in order to find something you truly enjoy.

As you can see you have to be proactive when it comes to your health as you age. Do not allow yourself to turn into the mom that can’t get around well because she never made it to the gym or survived on fast food. Be the healthiest mom that you can be!

Written by Natalie Bracco for Working Mother and legally licensed 

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